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Advanced Aluminum Materials for Aerospace Sector

Development and production of high-strength aluminum wire as a feedstock for Additive Manufacturing, using which in a short time there can be produced large-size components. Thanks to Almascan® alloys, the material has an excellent balance of strength and lightness, which is essential for the aerospace industry. The project is supported by the venture fund Commercialization Reactor.

We have improved our advanced aluminum alloys as well as thin wire manufacturing technology, which will allow the creation of different designs with required properties using 3D printing and reduce production costs.

Features of our proprietary materials:

Low density (2.65 - 2.7 g/cm3);

High strength (450 - 640 MPa);

High ductility (Δ = 10 - 16%);

Good weldability (K > 0.93);

Good corrosion resistance (< 0.006 mm/year).

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