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Advanced Materials & Additive Manufacturing


Components of 4.0 industrial revolution



Our team of professionals has developed innovative lightweight Al-Mg-Sc alloys for high-strength profile materials of welded fuselage panels and thin sheet material for fibre metallic laminates and aircraft skin panels.

Our primary mission is to continue Advanced Materials R&D activities and to create an industrial production of high-strength aluminium wire for Additive Manufacturing.






Research & Development of high-strength aluminium alloys and metal-matrix nanocomposite materials for additive manufacturing

Wire for AM


Producing and supplying of high-strength wire materials on the basis of Al-Mg-Sc system alloys, specially developed for additive manufacturing production processes

3D printing


Consulting on technological modes of 3D printing and production of AM parts. Development of processes that can replace the current method of manufacturing large structures

Advantages of our materials

low density
high strength
high ductility
good weldability
good corrosion


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